Our products by applications and markets

We are proposing custom mineral renders and mortars with specific characteristics, made out gypsum (classical or highly calcined), clay, lime and, more generally, high perfomances binders.

Thereby,  our products find applications mainly in five fields, diversified but always looking for quality and excellence.

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Heritage building and restoration

Heritage Juss, Enduit de Montmorency, Heritage Mortar, MoulexStuc Pierre, MG/PG range, MiniJuss,  …

Decorative renders

Enduit de Montmorency, VF Fuge, HB/HF, MoulexMiniJussJihar stuc, Fond de Stuc, Stuc Pierre,  TardigradMG/PG range

Green buildings

Heritage Juss, Enduit de MontmorencyMG/PG range, MiniJuss,  ….


Plâtre à plancher, VF Fuge HD, Concrazzo, BàP  …

Casting and prefab

Moulex, Concral, Morphus, VF Fuge, ….