Plâtre à Plancher (PàP and BàP)

PàP (Plâtre à Plancher : Gypsum plaster for flooring) is a traditional high-resistance gypsum plaster used to realise finishing screed.

PàP can be smoothed with trowel (“lissé“) or more likely sanded/polished (“poli“) or softly brushed (“lustré“).

When plished, it can be added with marble aggregates to create terrazzo-like floors.

PàP DataSheet

PàP Method Statement

PàP Operation and Maintenance

In case of important thickness, a specific base coat is available : BàP (Base à Plancher)

BàP DataSheet

PàP and BàP MSDS

Other products (by alphabetical order)

Other products (by applications and markets)

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