About us

Welcome on the Documentation Center of Platre.com / Vieujot company.

This website is intended for downloading the technical documents of our products. You can find informations by alphabetic order of the products or by applications and market.

It is regularly enriched. But do not hesitate for any missing document by writing at : contact@platre.com.

By the way, let’s introduce ourself.

Platre.com is a French company specialized in manufacturing special high end plasters, for restoration of heritage building, decoration (stuc) and green buildings, both in precasting and plastering material, for walls and ceilings as well as for floors.

Especially, we are continuing the great French tradition of l’Art du Plâtre. This includes : Stuc Pierre, gypsum and lime renders, Stuc Marbre, exterior gypsum plasters, Plâtre à Plancher (floor plasters).

We were created since 1880 and are settled not far from Paris on a site already manufacturing plasters in 1760.

We are working as well in France as abroad.


Castle and gardens of Versailles’ Castle
Hôtel des Ambassadeurs de Hollande, Paris
Elysée Palace, Paris
Mallet-Stevens’ Villa, Paris
Hotel Buffon, Montbard
Old Palace – Doha, Qatar
Heritage Museum, Sharjah
Abbaye de Royaumont, France
Château de Chillon, Suisse
Château Valère, Sion, Suisse

Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi
Musée du Louvre Paris (Salles des 7 mètres, Mona Lisa room, …)
Musée des Arts Premiers, Paris, by Jean Nouvel
Louis Vuitton’s Fundation, Paris, by Franck Gehry
Philharmonic of Paris, by Jean Nouvel
Masdar University, Abu Dhabi, UAE, by Norman Foster
UAE’s Pavilion, Expo Universale Milano 2015, Italy
Ralph Lorren Flag Store, New York
Dior Headquarter – Paris
Residence Palace – Bruxelles

Hotel Lutetia – Paris
Hotel Al Bait – Sharjah
Hotel R – Versailles

Multipurpose Hall of Mazan, France, Wood building National Award



Those articles highlight our approach of some projects :

Heritage Projects : Dubaï Conference

New Projects : Shangai Conference