Heritage Juss

Vieujot Heritage Juss is a traditional highly calcined exterior gypsum and lime plaster, dedicated to the restoration of heritage building in Gulf’s area, carrying one this specific know-how which was widely spread out across the region (Bahrein, Oman, KSA, Yemen, Qatar, UAE, etc …). It is coarser and more textured than related Enduit de Montmorency.

Heritage Juss is used as plastering material. For casting applications, see Moulex.

For undercoating, one can use Vieujot Heritage Mortar or a plaster of MG/PG range.

In interior, for veneer application, it can be matched with MiniJuss.

Vieujot Heritage Juss Data Sheet

Vieujot Heritage Juss Technical Specifications

Vieujot Heritage Juss Method Statement

Vieujot Heritage Juss and Mortar Operation and Maintenance

Vieujot Heritage Juss MSDS


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Other products (by applications and markets)

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