Enduit de Montmorency

Enduit de Montmorency (i.e. render of Montmorency) is a lime and gypsum plaster, including sand or not, traditionally manufactured near Paris for the restoration of heritage buildings and decorative renders in new projects, in interior as well as in exterior.

It is related to Heritage Juss , but finer or, more precisely, more “refine” and “urban”. Especially, the Stuc de Montmorency version is the most classical base for Stuc Pierre procédé.

Rough-triming and under-coating are made with MG/PG plasters.

Concerning ornaments, a specific Tirex version – with 1/2 setting time – is available to bench running on site, but they are more specifically mold, with our Moulex.

Enduit de Montmorency Data Sheet

Enduit de Montmorency Method Statement

Enduit de Montmorency MSDS

Other products (by alphabetical order)

Other products (by applications and markets)


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